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Unsurprising fact of the day: the inventors of SnapChat are misogynists. 

so… not only do they keep your photos on file indefinitely, they also can sell them at any time for any reason they see fit - which means that your friends or family members or even future employers could see you marketing any number of things, against your will. you could be used to market pornographic sites. your image could be fucking ruined, through no fault of your own.

please please PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know, especially if you know that they use snapchat or someone they know does. this information is IMPORTANT. lives could be ruined, here.

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Game Of Thrones Theme on eight floppy drives

I am showing my age by finding the sound of old technology gorgeous and kind of heartbreaking but this is still so strangely beautiful, I need to post it here.

I love this because it’s borderline music and therefore makes me wonder how we define music.

I now need a soundtrack to an actual film that is played by disc drive

can we talk about the comments on the video though?





and my personal favorite


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I stared at this for like 2 minutes. amazing.

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happy valentimes times

i’m so dirk jfc

im jane sighs

i’m jake laughs

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“The average prison sentence for men who kill their intimate partners is 2 to 6 years. Women who kill their partners are sentenced, on average, to 15 years.17 A pair of Maryland cases vividly illustrates this inequality in sentencing.18 In one case, a judge in Baltimore County, Maryland sentenced Kenneth Peacock to 18 months for killing his unfaithful wife. The very next day, another judge in the same county sentenced Patricia Ann Hawkins to three years in prison for killing her abusive husband. Significantly, the prosecutor in the Peacock case requested a sentence twice as long as the one imposed, while the prosecutor in the Hawkins case requested one-third of the sentence imposed.”

The Michigan Women’s Justice & Clemency Project (via illegalplumpudding)

“As many as 90% of the women in prison today [2008] for killing men had been battered by those men.15

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what’s all this bullshit MRAs are always talkin about now

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why you do that

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“I don’t think Regina has any interest, honestly, in speaking to Snow or apologizing or any of that. What’s done is done, we never have to get along,” she continued. “But with Emma, because they share Henry, that relationship has to be figured out. It’s almost like divorced parents, right?”

- Lana Parrilla (via because-its-complicated)

holy fucking shit i can’t. i’m done.

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ooh, yikes, I did not know this. signal boosting! 

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 j.m.w. turner+horizons

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Meanwhile, back in the States

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Faberry Week: Zombie Apocalypse 

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